The raven haired woman strikes a stare through you.


Physical description:
Morrigan appears to still be holding on to youth, but a deep look at her shows time is stealing it away from her. She carries herself with confidence on a small frame covered in milk pale skin. Her raven locks cascade down from her headwrap in a cascading braid. She casts a wry gaze at you with dark brown eyes and you feel your skin crawl.

AC: 12/12/10 HP:11

Companion: Swift, compsthagnus.

Favored weapon: Poisoned tipped javelin.


-Morrigan is from a small village in the Uustalavian countryside known as Ravenholme. It rests just on the Northern shore of Lake Lias.

-She worked under her father’s tutelage from a young age as a showman in her father’s caravan. Where ever they went she would perform small tricks of light and sound to entertain children and adults alike. What she didn’t know at such a young age is that her father had used the caravan as a cover to smuggle goods for the Scarzni under the watchful eyes of authorities. Her siblings also tended the caravan and her mother performed faith healings and soothsayings.

-Falling under the traditions of Varisian life, Morrigan was bethrothed as a child to a boy named Rellen Gorman. As they grew older together working in the caravan, Morrigan began to care for Rellen a great deal. Rellen, unfortunately, spited her love and sought a life outside of being a caravaner in a traveling carnival and fled at the age of sixteen – the day they were to be married. Rellen left Morrigan only a note stating he was sorry and he was afraid of some of the strange powers she had exhibited such as conjuring lights and smoke in ornate displays for the carnival. He made mention of the University of Lepistadt in his note, but Morrigan was too broken hearted to pursue him. Unfortunately, in their culture this incident left her with a mark of shame that caused others to approach her with disdain and sympathy.

-A few years later, Morrigan’s mother passed away suddenly. She began to take her place in the Carnival as faith healer and soothsayer, but she found the others in the caravan beginning to treat her as an outsider. They called her an ill-omen and many refused to travel with her. Fearing her father would have to choose between what he had always done and his daughter, Morrigan made the choice for him and returned to Ravenholme. There she cultivated the superstition and fear around her abilities and retreated to an isolated life with her companion, Swift.

-In recent years Morrigan was visited by Professor Lorrimor who had heard from the villagers of her abilities as a Harrower. Seeking a reading, she saw darkness in his future. The professor confessed he had been planning on taking an expedition into deep into the Uustalav countryside and asked she accompany him and his team. During their travels she struck up a friendship with another one of Lorrimor’s companions – a woman named Sera who proved to be competent and capable in a fight. True to Morrigan’s vision they were indeed beset by danger when a small group of Orcs ambushed them. Fighting together with Sera they managed to save the Professor from harm and get him back to Ravenholme.

-The day Sera arrived on her doorstep with two pieces of paper – each one bearing their names – she stood in the entryway with a packed bag. Almost as if she knew she was coming….


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