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A Funeral in Ravengro

Professor Petros Lorrimor is dead. Your receive word from his daughter Kendra that you have been named in his last will and testament. She invites you to Revengro to attend the funeral and pay your final respects.

Ravengro lies within the Immortal Principality of Ustalav, a conglomeration of loosely affiliated counties run by feuding nobles each vying for power and influence. There are rumors of horrors the plague the countryside, things of the night that descend upon those unwise enough to search the grim landscape. This pervasive sense of peril has left the people of Ustalav suspicious of magic, foreigners, religion and even their fellow citizens.

Welcome, adventurers to Ustalav… And the horrible secrets she guards.

Trial of the Beast

The party has been tasked by Judge Embreth Daramid with investigating the alleged crimes of the Beast of Lepidstadt. The entire city is in a furor and the Punishing Man has been erected in anticipation of a guilty verdict. What will the adventurers uncover and what dangers must they endure in their search for truth?

Carrion Crown

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