Human Paladin


AC 18
HP 12
Fortitude 3
Reflex 2
Will 0

long sword
light spiked shield
morning star


Santos grew up in the land of his ancestors in the vast deserts of Osirion. He spent much of his life either digging in the brightness of the hot sun or in the darkness of the tombs of the great pharaohs of the past as he unearthed his nations great history. It was a tough life for such a young, fair boy but he took pride in his work and liked to spin extravagant stories for the artifacts they uncovered.

When he was fifteen he met a group of priests from the land of Qadira preaching in town. The words of Sarenrae sunk deep into his heart. At that moment he decided to seek greater understanding of these principles and quickly became one of the favorite pupils of the priests. As he grew in strength he quickly mastered the sword and made a covenant to defend those in need and to smite unrepentant evil wherever it resided.

At the age of seventeen, while on a dig of an ancient tomb, he was visited by an old man from a distant land. It wasn’t uncommon to see foreigners in Osirion but this man, who identified himself as Professor Petros Lorrimor, took particular interest in the site they were excavating and was willing to pay for a tour of the tomb. Santos knew the site very well and agreed. After decending 100 feet into darkness with the Professor and only a torch for light the situation went very wrong when a support beam began to give way. Santos knew the doom that was to fall upon them as he summoned all of his strength to brace the failing support. With a strenuous groan he commanded the professor to get to the surface. As the Professor begrudgingly left him Santos called upon his god, Sarenrae, to give him the strength he needed to allow the professor to survive. For five minutes, with the strength of his god, he did the impossible and held on long enough for the professor to reach the surface. As he accepted his fate, and released his grasp, he noticed that the beam did not fall but hung in mid air as an odd glow surrounded it. After a few seconds of awe he quickly acended to the surface only to hear the earth collapse behind him. The Professor was grateful for his act of self sacrifice and awarded Santos greatly from his purse. However, Santos knew he did not survive under his own strength alone as he gave it to Sarenrae’s needy that night.

About one year after the tomb’s collapse Santos recieved a letter from a courier. It was an invitation to a funeral. The professor he saved had died…


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