Carrion Crown

The Road to Lepidstadt

Days 1 thru 4 – 1st thru 4th Day of Pharast, 4712

  • The first day passes without incident.
  • On the 2nd day, group of Tigers attack the party shortly after beginning the days journey.
  • Morrigan focuses on slumbering the beasts while the rest of the party ferociously slaughters the hopeless beasts.. Everyone feasts on Tiger Meat that evening.
  • On the 4th day, the group encounters The Crooked Kin, a troupe of performers and sideshow freaks.
  • Upon learning of the disappearance of one of the performers, a microcephalic girl named Aleece, the group agrees to assist the Crooked Kin in searching for her.
  • Following her trail through forest and then into a densely vegetated, midge-infrested marsh.
  • Aleece’s tracks lead to a clearing filled with dismal-looking gray flowers.
  • Suddenly the screams of a girl can be heard directly behind the party yet they turn and find nothing.
  • More screams, this time from another direction. Again and again come the cries, seemingly at random locations around the party.
  • Suddenly, a female Phase Spider appears and taunts the group: “I am The Feaster in Watery Shadows. And the morsel I feasted on earlier only stirred my appetite leaving me unquenched. You look… Ravishing”
  • Morrigan merely laughs, says a few words, and the beast falls unconscious. While utterly helpless, the party quickly deals with the Feaster.
  • Shortly after the encounter, they find the body of Aleece.
  • Upon returning to the Crooked Kin, the group delivers the news and are rewarded with a +1 humanoid (shape changer) bane dagger.
  • The party accepts the Crooked Kin’s invitation to ride with them to Lepidstadt, which turns out well for the helpless performers as group of giant spiders attack the Caravan not long into the journey.
  • Once again, Morrigan focuses on slumbering the abominations while the rest of the party ferociously guards the caravan against the onslaught. The spiders pose no threat.



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