Carrion Crown

Ravengro - Days 10 and 11

Day 10 – 26th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • The party decides to continue exploring Harrowstone in the evening.
  • The party discovers, and defeats, the following creatures or haunts on the 1st Floor of Harrowstone: Animated Manicles, Branding Irons, Straitjacket, Poltergeist, Old Ember Maw, and the Slamming Portal
  • The party discovered but did not defeat the Cold Spot haunt in the auditorium
  • The group encountered Vesorianna Hawkran in the workshop. She pleads with the party to help her defeat the 5 notorious prisoners so she can regain control of the prison.
  • Vesorianna confirms that the mysterious letters appearing on the monument are an attempt by the Splatter Man to destroy her. She tells the group that once the last letter of her name has been spelled, the Splatter Man will destroy her.
  • Vesorianna directs the group to the general location of items owned by the prisoners that may be of some use. She also warns the group that the items are probably haunted.
  • Vesorianna tells the group that if they can find a symbol of her husbands office and defeat the notorious 5 that she will be able to banish the haunts entirely.

Day 11 – 27th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • Santos gives food to poor people on the way to the temple, garnering some trust.
  • Morrigan researches the Lopper
  • The group heads back to Harrowstone and discovers a secret vault in the property room containing items once belonging to the notorious 5.



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