Carrion Crown

At Ascanor Lodge

  • The next day, the party meets many guests of the lodge. During these discussions, they learn that a group of 4 men arrived late one night several weeks ago and they seem to fit the description of the Whispering Way agents the party seeks.
  • Talking with Delgros, they discover quite a bit of information regarding the Werewolves of the Shudderwood (See Wiki).
  • Morrigan meets with Estovian to ask for guidance regarding the research libraries.
  • Estovian suggests she use the reference library and hands her a collection of old journals to peruse.
  • Within the journals, the author records accounts of his pilgrimage to an ancient abandoned temple of Desna known as the Stairs of the Moon.
  • Within the notes, a folded piece of paper is found with the following inscription: “See ‘Halo of Dreams’ on page 322”
  • In the library, Morrigan discovers additional information regarding the Werewolves.
  • The rest of the group meets with Madame Ivanja who performs a harrowing for them.
  • She foretells that they will face a powerful foe that is manipulating the current situation in the Shudderwood and beyond. This force, she says, is steadily gaining power and has the potential to threaten the entire world.
  • They ask her about the 4 strangers who visited the lodge, to which she introduces them to a young woman named Niama.
  • Niama tells them that she was only asked to dance for them and, after an hour, a silver haired woodsman arrived. At this point, they asked her to leave. She returned an hour later to find them gone.
  • She also tells the party that while they said they hailed from Courtaud, their accents were clearly of Caliphas.
  • In addition, one of them wore a strange amulet of a gagged skull. The party instantly recognized this as a symbol of the Whispering Way.



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