Carrion Crown

At Ascanor Lodge
  • The next day, the party meets many guests of the lodge. During these discussions, they learn that a group of 4 men arrived late one night several weeks ago and they seem to fit the description of the Whispering Way agents the party seeks.
  • Talking with Delgros, they discover quite a bit of information regarding the Werewolves of the Shudderwood (See Wiki).
  • Morrigan meets with Estovian to ask for guidance regarding the research libraries.
  • Estovian suggests she use the reference library and hands her a collection of old journals to peruse.
  • Within the journals, the author records accounts of his pilgrimage to an ancient abandoned temple of Desna known as the Stairs of the Moon.
  • Within the notes, a folded piece of paper is found with the following inscription: “See ‘Halo of Dreams’ on page 322”
  • In the library, Morrigan discovers additional information regarding the Werewolves.
  • The rest of the group meets with Madame Ivanja who performs a harrowing for them.
  • She foretells that they will face a powerful foe that is manipulating the current situation in the Shudderwood and beyond. This force, she says, is steadily gaining power and has the potential to threaten the entire world.
  • They ask her about the 4 strangers who visited the lodge, to which she introduces them to a young woman named Niama.
  • Niama tells them that she was only asked to dance for them and, after an hour, a silver haired woodsman arrived. At this point, they asked her to leave. She returned an hour later to find them gone.
  • She also tells the party that while they said they hailed from Courtaud, their accents were clearly of Caliphas.
  • In addition, one of them wore a strange amulet of a gagged skull. The party instantly recognized this as a symbol of the Whispering Way.
Through The Shudderwood
  • On the trail of the whispering way, the group embarks on a journey through the Shudderwood on an old hunting trail.
  • The party encounters and murders a group of Ettercaps.
  • Not long after, all members but Morrigan hear the melody of a harp and are compelled to enter a decrepit watchtower.
  • Inside the watchtower, Santos mercilessly destroys a Weaverworm.
  • Inside the tower, the mutilated bodies of various animals, and 2 humans are discovered.
  • On the body of one human, a note is found declaring an Ascanor Lodge reservation for one Echtmoor Dravin.
  • Further along the trail, the corpse of a naked man is found tied to a tree. His mouth is stuffed with wolfsbane and a large silver hunting knife is embedded deep in his heart.
  • As evening falls, the group arrives at Ascanor Lodge only to be turned away by the halfling porter, Belik of Courtaud.
  • Shortly after, two men, Duristan Ariesir and Delgros Kroitzcer, are seen leaving the gated hunting lodge.
  • Duristan calls to the party, inviting them to come along to track a werewolf and, in exchange, offers to take care of their room and boarding at the lodge.
  • They find the flayed carcass of a buck and, nearby, encounter a pack of dire boars.
  • Duristan suggests they camp for the night to see if the werewolf comes back for the buck. Delgros, calling it a fool’s errand, leaves them and returns to Ascanor.
  • After drinking some fine brandy offered by Duristan, the party encounters a werewolf who has killed 2 of Duristan’s hirelings.
  • The werewolf speaks to the party: “Your false explanations are meaningless. Go tell whoever sent you to stay out of wolf affairs! Let him know that his dealings with Mathus Mordrinacht and the Silverhide pack do not sit well with the other tribes of this wood. There shall be much blood spilled between our kin before a Silverhide packlord sits upon Highthrone. Mathus the betrayer shall never claim the title, and should you and yours continue to support him, the wrath of the wolf packs shall fall upon him! Now leave our territory and return to your cozy wooden den, or share the fate of these poor little sheep!”
  • The party easily deals with the dire werewolf and scare off it’s partner who was hiding nearby in the woods.
  • Upon returning to the lodge, the porter apologizes profusely for not recognizing their reservation and lets them in. He asks that they meet with lodge master, Estovian Lozarov.
  • Estovian greets the party and encourages them to use the various libraries for whatever the “member of the Order” need.
The Road to Lepidstadt

Days 1 thru 4 – 1st thru 4th Day of Pharast, 4712

  • The first day passes without incident.
  • On the 2nd day, group of Tigers attack the party shortly after beginning the days journey.
  • Morrigan focuses on slumbering the beasts while the rest of the party ferociously slaughters the hopeless beasts.. Everyone feasts on Tiger Meat that evening.
  • On the 4th day, the group encounters The Crooked Kin, a troupe of performers and sideshow freaks.
  • Upon learning of the disappearance of one of the performers, a microcephalic girl named Aleece, the group agrees to assist the Crooked Kin in searching for her.
  • Following her trail through forest and then into a densely vegetated, midge-infrested marsh.
  • Aleece’s tracks lead to a clearing filled with dismal-looking gray flowers.
  • Suddenly the screams of a girl can be heard directly behind the party yet they turn and find nothing.
  • More screams, this time from another direction. Again and again come the cries, seemingly at random locations around the party.
  • Suddenly, a female Phase Spider appears and taunts the group: “I am The Feaster in Watery Shadows. And the morsel I feasted on earlier only stirred my appetite leaving me unquenched. You look… Ravishing”
  • Morrigan merely laughs, says a few words, and the beast falls unconscious. While utterly helpless, the party quickly deals with the Feaster.
  • Shortly after the encounter, they find the body of Aleece.
  • Upon returning to the Crooked Kin, the group delivers the news and are rewarded with a +1 humanoid (shape changer) bane dagger.
  • The party accepts the Crooked Kin’s invitation to ride with them to Lepidstadt, which turns out well for the helpless performers as group of giant spiders attack the Caravan not long into the journey.
  • Once again, Morrigan focuses on slumbering the abominations while the rest of the party ferociously guards the caravan against the onslaught. The spiders pose no threat.
Ravengro - Days 11 through 13

Day 11 – 27th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • The party decides to continue exploring Harrowstone in the evening.
  • The group heads to the basement of Harrowstone for the first time.
  • Defeated 3 skulls in route to the dungeon.
  • Defeated 2 ectoplasmic humans and 8 skeletons shortly after arriving in the basement

Day 12 – 28th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • In the morning, the group heads into Ravengro.
  • 1 trust point earned by Sera for helping to cook at the Outward Inn
  • Morrigan researches Mosswater Marauder
  • Morrigan used Spirit Planchete to find out about Moldy Spellbook
  • The group heads back to Harrowstone
  • Not long after arriving, the group encounters the Mosswater Marauder accompanied by a trio of flaming skulls. The Marauder is quickly dealt with.
  • The group discovers a torture chamber where the remains of Warden Hawkran are encountered. The last moments of his life were particularly painful as evidenced by finding his badge within the pelvis of his bones.
  • Seeing Kendra in trouble, Santos charges for the Iron Maiden in the room to help her. Unfortunately, the device closes around him, causing a fair amount of damage.

Day 13 – 29th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • Using a secret passageway to make their way back to the Nevermore, the group encounters and destroys a Gray Ooze.
  • In the Nevermore, the adventurers quickly deal with the haunt and manifestation of the Splatter Man
  • Shortly after, they find and destroy the Lopper in the Oubliette
  • Vesorianna is able to purge Harrowstone once and for all and the people of Ravengro notice an almost immediate end to all unexplained occurances.
  • As promised, the town provides payment and welcomes the adventurers to stay the rest of the month in town before heading into Lepidstat
Ravengro - Days 10 and 11

Day 10 – 26th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • The party decides to continue exploring Harrowstone in the evening.
  • The party discovers, and defeats, the following creatures or haunts on the 1st Floor of Harrowstone: Animated Manicles, Branding Irons, Straitjacket, Poltergeist, Old Ember Maw, and the Slamming Portal
  • The party discovered but did not defeat the Cold Spot haunt in the auditorium
  • The group encountered Vesorianna Hawkran in the workshop. She pleads with the party to help her defeat the 5 notorious prisoners so she can regain control of the prison.
  • Vesorianna confirms that the mysterious letters appearing on the monument are an attempt by the Splatter Man to destroy her. She tells the group that once the last letter of her name has been spelled, the Splatter Man will destroy her.
  • Vesorianna directs the group to the general location of items owned by the prisoners that may be of some use. She also warns the group that the items are probably haunted.
  • Vesorianna tells the group that if they can find a symbol of her husbands office and defeat the notorious 5 that she will be able to banish the haunts entirely.

Day 11 – 27th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • Santos gives food to poor people on the way to the temple, garnering some trust.
  • Morrigan researches the Lopper
  • The group heads back to Harrowstone and discovers a secret vault in the property room containing items once belonging to the notorious 5.
Ravengro - Days 9 through 10

Day 9 – 25th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • After waking for the day, everyone in the party except Sera goes to the Temple of Pharasma
  • Santos heals a sick girl
  • Morrigan and Wolfgar research additional information on the 5 notorious prisoners but don’t discover anything new
  • Sera goes about town talking with the locals
  • As the group is eating dinner, they hear wailing coming from the direction of the prison (right around sunset). They decide to investigate.
  • The group enters the second floor of Harrowstone by way of the Western Balcony
  • Inside, they encounter four skeletons and three stirges, defeating all
  • While being attacked by the skeletons and stirges, several members of the party are mesmerized by the Haunt of the Piper of Illmarsh
  • The party neutralizes the Haunt of the Piper of Illmarsh
  • They discover the remains of Father Charlatan
  • The group encounters and defeats a Xtabay on the Easter Balcony

Day 10 – 26th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • Like the day before, most of the group heads to the Temple of Pharasma
  • Santos provides healing services and gains a little gold in the process
  • Morrigan and Wolfgar research Father Charlatan and uncover additional information
  • Sera helps out at the Outward Inn filling in for a sick cook and gains additional trust from the town
  • The group removes the chains from Father Charlatan’s body and carries them to the first floor
  • They encounter a group of Giant Crab Spiders in the chapel on the first floor defeating all
  • During the encounter, Wolfgar is attacked and falls to the ground
  • Wolfgar wakes up several months later in a coffin with a red haired priestess of Pharasma looking over him. With every movement he makes and every question he asks, Wolfgar feels himself fighting for his own sanity. During this time, his fellow adventurers sees him writhing on the floor in agony with ghostly chains slowly constricting his body. With a final assertion of his will, he breaks through the vision and neutralizes the Haunt of Father Charlatan in the process. He instinctively realizes a dark presence has been with him ever since touching the robes of Father Charlatan but that presence is now gone. The rest of the party sees Father Charlatan bowed over the body of Wolfgar for a moment, screaming as the chains and ghost both evaporate into nothingness.
Ravengro - Days 5 through 8

Day 5 – 21st Day of Calistril, 4712

  • Sera hid in the trees watching the Harrowstone memorial the previous night. She spotted a figure approach from the south. It stopped before reaching the memorial and headed due east.
  • Tired from her night of watch, Sera returned the Lorrimor house for some rest. During her sleep, she dreamed of being trapped within a prison cell. Her barred window looked out upon a small, sleepy town. Gripped with terror, she witnessed the letters of her name slowly appearing in blood on the wall above where her bed had previously been located. As the last letter appeared, she woke drenched in sweat. Above her bed, her bloody name remained.
  • Wolfgar stayed in the Lorrimor library and uncovered some additional facts about the Whispering Way.
  • Morrigan negotiates with the clerk at the Ravengro Town Hall and access to the records for the entire party.
  • Sera visits The Outward Inn and is treated to a delicious meal on the house. She learns a new rumor in the process.
  • After a day of research and sleep, the group heads into a town and find an impromptu concert at the Gazebo. They stay a few moments and enjoy the music. During a particularly well played flute solo, a pair of Stirges appear and begin attacking the onlookers. The party quickly slaughters the ill fated beasts and the crowd cheers their prowess.
  • Continuing their patrol, the group enters the Restlands. They discover four zombies crawling from the ground. The brave Paladin Santos charges in and attacks. He is quickly swarmed and killed by the Zombies. After a fierce battle, the party fells the undead abominations and take their friend to the Temple of Pharasma who find Santos beyond their healing ability.
  • Wolfgar informs Kendra of the death of their friend. She reveals that her father left her a scroll of Raise Dead that may help. Wolfgar takes the scroll to the Temple of Pharasma and brings Santos back to life among a group of worshipping onlookers. The group is highly impressed by the skills of the Cleric.

Day 6 – 22nd Day of Calistril, 4712

  • Santos researches the names of women in town who begin with “VE”. He discovers 3: Verillian, Vespa, and Velora.
  • The rest of the group continues to research the “Harrowstone Notorious 5” and talk with townsfolk. No additional information is gained.
  • Acting off of the rumor of that tells of wailing and sobbing that can be heard coming from Harrowstone around sunset, the group heads to the prison. Sera opens the gate and is immediately filled with anxiety and an uncomfortable sensation that her skin is on fire as she enters. It passes quickly but rattles her for a few moments.
  • The party doesn’t hear anything from the prison but encounter a swarm of rats near one of the observatories and 3 skeletons who appear walking out of the lake. They easily defeat both groups of enemies.

Day 7 – 23rd Day of Calistril, 4712

  • In the morning, the adventurers head to Harrowstone. They encounter an animated Scythe near on the Eastern Balcony that proves impervious to most of their attacks. It is only when they enlist the help of their gods that they defeat the thing.
  • Sera scales the building to the uppermost balcony where she encounters a Giant Stirge. Deftly flipping from the balcony to the ceiling and then from the ceiling to the balcony, she leads the beast to the rest of the party. With their combined strength, they quickly destroy it.
  • Leaving Harrowstone around noon, the party heads back to town.
  • Morrigan goes back to the Town Hall and discovers some additional information about the Piper of Illmarsh.
  • Sera talks up citizens hanging around the Gazebo (learning a new rumor in the process) and then gives a free fiddle performance for the crowd. The crowd thoroughly enjoys it, further endearing the group to the citizens of Ravengro.
  • Santos head to the Temple of Pharasma. He heals an elderly women and then provides her a gold piece, enough to feed her for weeks. Impressed and inspired by his generosity, Father Grimburrow offers to allow the group to use the temple’s library.

Day 8 – 24th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • Once again, the Harrowstone Memorial is desecrated, this time the letter “S” is written on the Warden’s chest. A dead, bloody cat is found near the memorial. Steps are discovered leading from the memorial but the group is unable to track them.
  • The group “talks with” Gibs Hephenus at his shack. Morrigan hypnotizes him into answering a number of questions about whether he knows anything about the desecrations. He does not.
  • Morrigan uses the library at the Temple of Pharasma to research the Mosswater Marauder… Unsuccessfully.
  • The group meets back around 5pm at the Lorrimor estate.
Ravengro - Day 4

Day 4 – 20th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • After sleeping in the Restlands, the party ventures into town and learns from Kendra that a special meeting has been called this evening at the town hall to discuss the recent, eerie events that have fallen upon the town.
  • Santos and Wolfgar spend the day researching the Whispering Way in Lorrimor’s library but are unable to find any additional information.
  • Morrigan spends the day researching the Mosswater Marauder at the Unfurling Scroll. He offers a scroll of Detect Undead to Alendru Ghoroven as payment for use of his library for two days. Alendru graciously accepts. Unfortunately, Morrigan is unable to discover any additional information about the prisoner.
  • Sera continues to familiarize herself with the town. Of particular interest is items for sale at the Silk Purse which include a ring of feather falling and “smoky quartz” which Luriman Taigh and Quess Yearburn offer to sell for 500gp.
  • Sera also learns the following rumor:

Jominda Fallenbridge does more than brew potions—she brews drugs and poisons as well and sells them through agents in other towns. Why else would the sheriff be so interested in her business?

  • The group attends the town hall meeting which quickly turns into a disaster. Lamps and candles burst into flame at various locations in the building. Two townspeople are hurt by the growing fire but the adventurers are able to save them. They also defeat two flaming skulls which appear shortly after the fire begins.
  • The group puts out the fire, saving the town hall and achieving a significant amount of trust from the citizens in town. They accept the offer of the group to investigate and put an end to the mysterious events plaguing the town. They are offered 500 gp apiece if they can follow through.
Ravengro - Day 3

Day 3 – 19th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • The Harrowstone Memorial was once again desecrated, this time the letter E was written in blood.
  • Father Grimburrow informs the party the acolytes sent to the crypt found nothing.
  • Santos and Wolfgar offer to help Grimburrow with duties at the church for the day, garnering trust.
  • Morrigan researches the 5 notorious prisoners who died during the Harrowstone Fire of 4661, learning the prisoners names and a wealth of information about the one know as The Splatter Man.
  • Sera visits several locations within Ravengro, becoming familiar with the shops and taverns within the main village square.
  • While visiting locations within the town, Sera witnesses several girls playing jump rope while reciting the following sing song verses:

Put her body on the bed. Take a knife and lop her head.
Watch the blood come out the pipe. Feeds the stirge, so nice and ripe.
Drops of red so sparkly bright. Splatters spell her name just right.
With a hammer killed his wife. Now he wants to claim your life.
Tricksy father tells a lie. Listen close or you will die.

  • While attempting to speak with the children, Sera scares them away. The event is witnessed by a number of townspeople who find the act of scaring children particularly untrustworthy.
  • During her time in town, Sera learns the following rumor:

The food at the Laughing Demon isn’t all fun and games—and it’s no coincidence that Zokar serves more corpse chowder after unpopular merchants “leave town,” never to be seen again. If Zokar invites you into the Demon’s back room for a complimentary taste of that evening’s chowder, watch out!

  • While traveling back to the Lorrimor house, the party is attacked by a zombie, who they easily defeat. They alert the deputy and track the creatures trail back to a disturbed grave in the Restlands.
  • The Sheriff arrives on the scene and the group offers to watch the graveyard for any signs of further undead, an act Benjin finds particularly good willed (gaining trust).
  • The group then investigates the crypt discussed in Lorrimor’s journal. The lock was broken and upon entering the crypt the group was attacked by a pair of giant centipedes. They quickly dealt with the threat and found a virtual treasure trove of items for combatting undead.
  • Leaving the crypt, Wolfgar notices a nearby grave with the following inscription:

Santos, Paladin of Sarenrae
Come to my world, and be as I; as I am now, soon you will be; embrace your end and witness me.
Died 4661

Ravengro - Day 2

Day 2 – 18th Day of Calistril, 4712

  • Kendra receives word concerning a desecration at the Harrowstone Memorial
  • Kendra discusses this will Wolfgar who tells the rest of the party
  • Group travels to the Memorial and are greeted by Sheriff Benjan Caeller
  • The letter V has been written in blood on the memorial. The base has been covered in blood
  • A trail was found but despite attempts to follow it the party was unable to find where it led
  • Everyone travels to the Temple of Pharasma to research more about Harrowstone and the Whispering Way
  • Met by Father Grimburrow who encourages everyone to make an offering and receive a blessing. He does not allow the group to enter the library or grant permission for them to search the Crypt in the Restlands
  • Likewise, the party is turned away from the Ravengro Town Hall when asking permission to use the library there
  • At the Unfurling Scroll, Alendru Ghoroven charges 10 gp for use of the library there. Morrigan pays and learns much about Harrowstone, including the fact that 5 particularly notorious criminals had arrived shortly before the fire
  • Upon returning to the Lorrimor House, Morrigan reports seeing ghostly tracks passing by them, moving south towards the prison. When alerted to this, Sera sees nothing.

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